Intern & Missionary Leadership Training Program

Intern & Missionary Leadership Training Program
We are launching an exciting new Leadership Training Program for Interns and Missionaries. Check out the details at We will offer weekly supervision and monthly leadership trainings in Oak Park, IL. Opportunities include 10+ hours per week internship up to full time roles with salary and benefits for missionaries.     Continue Reading

Recent Blog Post: Barbara Gauthier

Let Us Imitate Christ’s Love
Reflect for a moment on the wealth of his kindness. Before he came as a man to be among men, he sent John the Baptist to preach repentance and lead men to practise it. John himself was preceded by the prophets, who were to teach the people to repent, to return to God and to amend their lives. Then Christ came himself, and with his own lips cried out: Come to me, all you who labour and are overburdened, and I will give you rest. How did he receive those who listened to his call? He readily forgave them their sins; he freed them instantly from all that t.... Continue Reading

Recent Blog Post: Deacon Jens Notstad

Ordination to the Diaconate
I am so glad to be writing to you today as an ordained deacon in the Anglican Church in North America!! It really has been a whirlwind since then (flew out to stand in a good friend's wedding in Colorado, then visited my sister, her husband, and five(!) children in L.A.) but I am now in Chicago again and resuming a somewhat normal routine. Thank you so much to all who joined us for the ceremony itself - it was a beautiful day and an unforgettable milestone for me and our churches. And thank you to all who have been thinking of me and praying for.... Continue Reading

Recent Blog Post: Nate Beasley

Blitz Week
“The book of Acts must be our guidebook as we start this church,” Pastor William, the head pastor of our new church (and my dad), pleaded with us a few Sundays ago. This last month has felt like we've been living in that book. Last month began with our "blitz week" on campus at UIC (University of Illinois at Chicago). In the first 7 hours we passed out 3,000 pop-tarts, 21 gallons of hot chocolate, and collected 1,353 surveys (with a grand total of 2,127 surveys). We were blown away. But that was just the beginning. We had tons of even.... Continue Reading

Recent Blog Post: Rev. Jonathan Kindberg

Global Mission: Connecting the “Here” and the “There”
I just returned from a week long trip to Mexico. I traveled with Bp. Frank Lyons to visit two current Anglican congregations and to begin to think and pray towards how we can multiply Anglican congregations there. It is the beginning of a new thing in Mexico! This is a huge country that is yet to be thoroughly evangelized and is ripe for a new Anglican church to be re-birthed there. After spending some time with a Mexican clergy couple in Aguascalientes, and with Iglesia del Gran Pastor (Planted by Fr. Dorsett of Church of the Great Sheppherd 15 y.... Continue Reading

Recent Blog Post: Bishop Gregory Bowers

Interview with Bishop Bowers of Jubilee
Interview with Matt Woodley for Greenhouse Greenhouse/Matt Woodley: Tell me about the journey of the Jubilee congregations. How have you moved to a more liturgical/sacramental form of worship? Bishop Gregory L. Bowers: There has always been a liturgical expression, whether formal or informal, within the African American community of Churches, particularly within the Baptist Church. Throughout history, a lot of the liturgy that is expressed within the Church is derived from Egypt and Africa, and so I believe that liturgy had an influence even on peo.... Continue Reading

Recent Blog Post: Guest Blogger

The Advent of Our Lord
by Alex Wilgus Why is Christmas the most anticipated holiday of the year, yet also the biggest letdown when it comes? I hear so often about how Christmas Day and the interim between it and New Years’ is the most depressing time of the year. Suicide rates go up. All who are not safely inside the fortress of a functional nuclear family are left out in the cold. This unhappy situation occurs among those who do not know what they are looking forward to, but they still look forward to it (whatever it is). Even for unbelievers, the anticipatory spir.... Continue Reading

Recent Blog Post: Rev. Gamaliel Garcia

The Big Picture
This past week I was at an Anglican Hispanic church-planting conference in El Paso, Texas. It was very exciting for me to see people with so many different worship styles come together. It got me to thinking on what it’s all about. It’s not about our particular style or preferences. It's about something much greater. Something that surpasses our limited human mindset. It also brought to mind how I tend to focus on the smaller stuff and not on the greater. My tendency is always to look for the little things that I am convinced someone .... Continue Reading
  • UNITED ADORATION SONGWRITING RETREAT – DALLAS, TEXAS Fr. Rand York was with Andy Piercy at the UA Songwriting Retreat last week at All Saints Cathedral in Dallas, bringing together liturgical composers from the Southwest. What a great group! There was strong collaboration resulting in excellent new liturgical settings, as well as wonderful new connections. Continue Reading
  • The Word Made Visible! Parkview is a rehabilitation center in Edgewater (Chicago).  Most of the residents there are recovering from drug addiction or suffering from severe psychological impairment, and if they didn’t have Parkview, they would be homeless or worse.  While Parkview is home to a group of people with diverse backgrounds and needs, one thing seems rather common in that building – a hunger for love & grace.  If you encounter a given resident upon entering the building and ask them how they’re doing, you will not be met with a guarded “fine, thanks”, yo....Continue Reading
  • Witnessing A New Life in a New Place How do you do a baptism when your church meets in an apartment building? A horse trough, of course! The whole church, and many new friends for that week, were gathered on the roof of the building with the skyline in the distance. Alice shared her story of starting to follow Jesus, and wanting to give her whole life now to follow him, and then she was baptized, surrounded by her new family. One thing I love about how we do baptisms is that before the baptism there are two sets of questions. First, the one being baptized answers questions that affirm their renunciation of evil and turn to fo....Continue Reading
  • My Internship at New Generation "I planted the seed in your hearts, and Apollos watered it, but it was God who made it grow. It’s not important who does the planting, or who does the watering. What’s important is that God makes the seed grow. The one who plants and the one who waters work together with the same purpose. And both will be rewarded for their own hard work. For we are both God’s workers. And you are God’s field. You are God’s building." 1 Corinthians 3:6-9 New Generation is a beautiful field in which God is working. I have been blessed to spend the last year amid the work of pla....Continue Reading
  • Laborers for the Harvest "I've never seen a church like it. It's so holistic, with the mentoring and the community health... I've never seen a church that empowers people so much." I was genuinely surprised at these words from Bethany, one of our newer 20-something congregants. She had found a church home with us, which was great to hear, but I realized then that my mindset had still been too consumed by attendance numbers and the ways I felt our church unfavorably stacked up to the many churches I'd seen before. These words were a breath of fresh air and a reminder from God, breaking through my ment....Continue Reading
  • Intern house! La Roca has found a new place to cast a net! Missio Dei has acquired a house across from our local high school for la Roca to meet in and for future interns to live in. We've begun having a morning prayer service each weekday and have had a few opportunities to meet people who hang around the campus. The house is in need of quite a bit of work so a few people from Missio Dei have been coming each day to pray together and turn the property into a fully functioning center of Christian living (special thanks to Dr. Peters and the old roof crew for teaching me a thing or two about constructi....Continue Reading
  • College Conference: A Changed Heart I was privileged to attend Greenhouse's conference: Open Doors to College Ministry April 4th - 5th. I brought with me Esteban, one of my leaders from my startup congregation at Fresno State in Fresno, CA. From the very beginning, we both enjoyed the conference and were so blessed to be there. I enjoyed being hosted by the Hanck family, who were kind and accommodating. The conference itself changed by heart towards my church planting work. Within three sentences of his talk, Fr. Beasley made me cry tears of relief. The Holy Spirit worked powerfully in my heart to remind me that I am not....Continue Reading
  • “I Need You, God” It's hard to imagine that it's been 10 months since I started ministry at New Generation. I have been blessed by witnessing the transformative power of God's love in the lives of the young people here, and humbled by being a tool in God's hands to bring that love to them. Encountering God does truly transform us; we are never the same after we are in His presence and feel His powerful love. I have seen that transformation in Erika, whom I have been mentoring since October. She has such an amazing heart for God and is rising up as a leader in our church. She is a part of the....Continue Reading
  • College Conference: An Opportunity for Growth On the first weekend in April, Northwestern students had the privilege of hosting the Anglican 1000 College Mission Conference. Focused on training and encouraging those interested in bringing the Gospel to college campuses, the conference brought nearly 100 guests from across the country to the Greenhouse Mission Center in Oak Park for an energizing and educational two days. Before the gathering began, though, a team of student leaders, including myself, had been put in charge of planning and organizing many of the conference details. Taken as an opportunity to step up, the preparation al....Continue Reading
  • Fasting and Feasting Ash Wednesday at 7:00 pm at Eastwood Park [in Houston], about twenty of us gathered outside to worship, pray and receive ashes on our foreheads to begin the Lenten season. It was a blessing to have Ash Wednesday at the park. Our first worship services were around a picnic table at the same park. We have been through a lot since those first Sunday afternoons so it was fun to go back and think about everything God has done in the last couple of years. We had some new faces mixed in including the family of some of our youth from La Roca who recently joined our church. Lent is one of my favori....Continue Reading
  • The Gospel Changes Everything Jesus and Gospel 101 are Bible studies over a meal on Monday and Wednesday afternoons for students at HCC (Houston Community College). There is a rotating group of about fifteen people who come each week, and the discussions are always lively. A few of the students who come are also homeless folks who are trying to get back on their feet. My friend, (we'll call him B) has come to Jesus 101 for a couple of years now. He is a like-able fellow, always early and ready to help clean up afterwards and contribute to discussions. Slowly, he came to know Mark, our pastor and started coming to chu....Continue Reading
  • Jesus’ Love Reaching My Generation The first weeks of my freshman year of college were some of the loneliest times of my life. Like all the other freshmen, I was dropped into a brand new community, and began the daunting task of looking for new friends. I was looking for a community where I belonged-- a community where there was a mutual sense of admiration and appreciation. It was in this state of isolation and bewilderment that a woman from a local church found me and offered to start a small group with my roommate and me. We hit it off instantly, and we began a deep friendship, which lasts to this day. As the months cont....Continue Reading
  • Coming to the Cross "He said he had been thinking about it for a while and thought it was time to make the decision." I could feel the excitement in me as one of our volunteers told me about the response of Marcus* to the Billy Graham Center Museum and it's message of decision for Christ. This was a young man, in middle school, who takes faith very seriously, and was truly deciding to follow Jesus with the rest of his life. He even shared with the congregation about the trip! He was particularly impacted by the verses surrounding the Cross of the Millenium, including John 3:16 and Romans 5:8. This is what w....Continue Reading
  • New Faces and New Places Anxieties were running high for many of the young people as they were about to go on the fall retreat. Many of them had never done anything like this before, had no familiarity with cabins, and some had never stayed away from their families. Beyond that, many were new to the church, having recently been connected through the confirmation class that I teach, which often brings in new people who have not been in the church before. This was going to be an interesting trip! We went in a caravan to Dickson Valley Camp and had a great time of games, worship, a campfire, soccer, and camp activities....Continue Reading
  • Mission in Taita Taveta Teaching about ministry in the power of the Holy Spirit My recent trip to Kenya was incredible, and we are already talking about going back for mission. For our first week in Kenya I traveled with our Bishop, Bill Murdoch, Brian Barry and Andrea Mueller to the Diocese of Taita Taveta. The main city is called Voi, and it is a third of the way from Mombassa to Nairobi. There we travelled to four Archdeaconries (regions of the Diocese) to teach about and minister healing in the power of the Holy Spirit. At each of the places we taught and ministered, between 50 and 150 people came. Many of th....Continue Reading
  • The 15 Club A nice dress. A tiara. A limo. Food. Music. A quinceañeara. In many Latin American countries, a quinceañera (or quince) is the celebration of a girl's 15th birthday. This birthday is celebrated differently than any other birthday because it marks the transition from childhood to adulthood, and is therefore a very important celebration for many Hispanic families. One of the challenges that arises during a quince is that they tend to be nominally Christian for cultural reasons. By this, I mean, that quinces tend to have a church service, where the teen receives a blessing,....Continue Reading
  • Always Pray and Never Give Up With this quote, Jessica and I began our first sermon together at New Generation. This month, we are following in Jesus' footsteps, according to the book of Luke, and Jessica and I were scheduled to preach on prayer according to Luke 18:1-8. This was a great opportunity for Jessica and I to study this passage together, especially since we have both experienced God's answers to prayer in very powerful ways. In this parable, a widow asks an unjust judge for justice over her situation. Because of her persistence in asking, the judge finally ensures that she gets justice. Jesus te....Continue Reading
  • Foundations The usual questions come at me scatter-shot each week: "What about dinosaurs?" "Does than mean men are better since they were first?" "So did snakes have legs before?" "Where did Cain's wife come from?" "Is that really how we got all the languages?" Excitement builds as I see the minds of young people engage with stories they have only encountered in bits and pieces before, but with that excitement, there is also challenge, as we have only so much time for big questions! Each week I get time with this class of students before our service, and we are adventuring through God's story, s....Continue Reading
  • Our Calling to Plant “Life is what happens while you’re making other plans.” I think John Lennon got it right with this one, as has been proven in my life many times over. When my wife Michelle and I went to the A1K Regional event in Seattle in July, I thought I was there to gather information on the Greenhouse Model in order to help support our friend Christina in her efforts to plant at Fresno State. At least that was what my Bishop had asked me to do. Michelle and I had moved back to California in 2010 in response to God’s calling us to plant. Though He spoke clearly to come home, He....Continue Reading
  • Declarations of Faith Tears came to my eyes as I hear Jessica share her testimony in front of about a hundred people. She spoke about her life before coming to church at New Generation, how it has changed now that she believes in God, and her willingness to make Jesus “the boss of her life.” Along with 14 other students, Jessica boldly affirmed her faith in God and took ownership of that faith in front of family and friends. Her testimony shook me. We rarely think about the beauty of our confirmation of faith, the power that it holds for those listening, and the transformation that can take place as....Continue Reading
  • The Table in the Barn When I think of a barn I don’t think of a table. I think of dirt floors and tractor parts. I think of sweaty shirts and salty language. It’s a place of coming and going, and even rest. But each barn has its purpose. In August my family and I spent a day on the Notstad farm. Our kids were so full of excitement at the thought of going to a real farm that practically every barn we passed on our way from Racine to Cambridge evoked the question, “Is this Jens’ farm?” There must be a zillion barns scattered across the Wisconsin landscape between here and there. Ea....Continue Reading
  • Witnessing Miracles “Do you think miracles like these can still happen?” I asked. We were currently having a small group discussion about Jesus’ mission on earth during our first full day of the ¡Caminemos Juntos! conference down in El Paso, TX. At this conference, pastors, lay leaders, and youth from several different cities, states, and countries met to worship together (in both Spanish and English) and learn alongside each other about how we can Walk Together. Two girls shook their head “no,” while Jessica said “yes.” New Generation had just talked about the....Continue Reading
  • How Do We Fit? "Why are people crying?" Isaac asked. He was seeing many people being prayed for and crying on the last night of our conference in El Paso. A few minutes later, he and his friend were being prayed for themselves, surrounded by a congregation of pastors, lay leaders, and youth from around the country and even the world, and the tears were starting to flow for them too. God was working in powerful ways that night, breaking through the walls of people's souls and bringing healing and renewal. God's work that night was the climax of our opportunity to worship and learn alongside these ot....Continue Reading
  • Our God is Faithful Our God is faithful to answer our prayers. On the second day of Greenhouse leader training, we [interns] were given the names of several young men and women who participated in the Carol Stream soccer camp last summer. Rev. Jonathan Kindberg, our supervisor, asked us to pray that God would give us the opportunity to renew contact with those youth. Mimi, Zach, and I prayed for these names on a page, asking that God would let us meet two boys named Prince and Ronaldo. On the following Thursday, I went for a prayer walk around my apartment complex, asking God for his kingdom to come in Caro....Continue Reading
  • Greenhouse Leadership Training Greenhouse hosted a Leadership Training weekend in Wheaton. It was an inspiring time of teachings on evangelism, discipleship, and church multiplication. We prayed and asked God to fully set in our hearts His vision for the Church and the part He is calling us to play. The group included a wide range of people. There were summer and year-long interns just beginning their ministries. There were lay leaders who have a desire to become more active in their spiritual gifts with the purpose of multiplying the Church. Also present were ordained clergy wishing to start new congregations that conn....Continue Reading
  • Amy’s Story Amy’s eyes filled with tears during our last discipleship meeting as I told her about all the ways that I’ve seen God working in her and through her over the past year. And the truth is, I’ve rarely met someone so humble, teachable, and excited to walk with Jesus! That hasn’t always been the case in her life. Coming into college, Amy knew she wanted to live with other Christians and grow in her faith, but was timid, and didn’t know what it looked like to live sold out for Jesus. This year, Amy says that one of the biggest things she’s learned has been the ....Continue Reading
  • Standing Together as Greenhouse and as a Diocese We are not in this alone. We are part of a greater work in Greenhouse, in Chicagoland, in Illinois, in the Upper Midwest, in God’s kingdom. That was the reminder I felt as people from my church and parish gathered with people from other churches on April 26 and 27. God can work mightily when people gather in the same room for prayer, worship, and fellowship. On Friday, April 26, about fifteen leaders of Greenhouse congregations from the Chicago area and southern Wisconsin gathered at the Beasleys’ home for an informal time of conversation and prayer. We ate and talked with peop....Continue Reading
  • A Glorious Consecration The Rt. Rev’d Clark Lowenfield was consecrated first Bishop of the newly formed Anglican Diocese of the Western Gulf Coast on Saturday, April 20th. All of us here in the diocese are experiencing what we have termed, “post-consecration glow,” and our hearts are very grateful. With hundreds gathered in the sanctuary of The Woodlands United Methodist Church, clergy lined up for procession, acolytes nervously awaiting the start, and prayer teams lining the center aisle, the room suddenly went eerily silent. The shofar-blower walked out to the front of the chancel area and bl....Continue Reading
  • A Land of Many Immigrants Last weekend, I had the opportunity to be a guest of the Anglican Network in Canada’s Asian and Multicultural Ministries Conference. Bishop Stephen Leung hosted delegates from both native-born Canadian and immigrant Anglican churches for the conference at Good Shepherd Anglican Church. I met first generation immigrants from Hong Kong who have made Vancouver their home, a priest and parishioners from a Japanese church in Vancouver, a Singaporean priest leading a multicultural congregation in Toronto, a South African minister, a British pastor working with addicts in Vancouver, a Cantone....Continue Reading
  • Marc’s Story (in Marc's own words) I grew up in a Christian household and intellectually believed that Jesus was Savior, yet made sure to keep Church separate from the rest of my life. There was no way I was going to put Jesus in control of my entire life. The summer before college, I started dating a non-Christian who wanted to control my heart rather than share our hearts with Jesus.  She and I began to push my family away and live in a sinful lifestyle. I ended a relationship with her over a year ago and knew intellectually that Jesus forgave me for my past sins, but I could not forgive mys....Continue Reading
  • Peter’s Story His freshman year of college, Peter turned away from his Christian upbringing and ran towards partying, girls, and fitting in with his friends. His story is not atypical. Most "youth group" kids, when they come to college walk away from their parents’ faith, either passively or intentionally. However Peter's story became atypical -- I was able to have lunch with him the first week of this school year, and he told me he wanted to repent and follow Jesus in community this year. He's done just that. This semester I've been meeting with Peter and two other students we....Continue Reading
  • Responding to God at the Anglican 1000 Summit Sitting here in snowy Chicago, having experienced the 4th Anglican 1000 Summit, my brain, although tired, will not rest from processing the many things it received over these past few days, and my heart, reminded again of the urgency of God’s missional call to His people, is full—very, very full, of thanksgiving for His faithfulness, His goodness, and His sovereign work of rescue in a world who is in desperate need of Him and His saving grace. There will be much that the Spirit will need to unpack within me in the next several days and weeks, but some immediate impressions of our....Continue Reading
  • Diversity in the Body of Christ The church that has started at Mather Pavilion retirement home looks polarized. Our congregation is a mix of Northwestern students and retirees, meaning that we lack a 50-year swath of the population. Some members struggle as they acclimate to independence; others struggle as they acclimate to dependence. Some members are used to organ, others are used to electric guitar. This dichotomy poses a challenge for running a service. How does one develop sermons and music that allow both groups to enter into the presence of God? That question has forced our church to rely on the basic foundation....Continue Reading
  • Lay Leaders (What is Greenhouse, Part 2) In the Global South, a “catechist” is a lay leader, a person who has the call and the gifting to gather others and start a congregation. We are following their example in the Upper Midwest (as well as other areas of North America). Here are a couple of real-life examples of catechists. Jacob, a junior in college, was attending Redeemer Anglican Church in Chicago when he expressed a desire to minister to people in nursing homes. Mike, then a catechist of Redeemer Anglican, encouraged him to start a congregation at the nursing home. Mike was apprenticing with Canon William Beasley,....Continue Reading
  • Margaret’s Story "I always thought I had to live up to a standard. But even if you keep striving and striving, you’ll never make it. It’s like a hamster on his little wheel.” One of my favorite parts of the week this semester has been meeting up with Margaret. Earlier this year, Margaret, a senior at the University of Illinois, came to understand the Gospel and became a Christian. Now she is full of questions and super eager to learn and grow. I’m meeting up with her to do a Bible study on the foundations of Christianity, and it’s been a privilege to see her animatedly proces....Continue Reading
  • Multiplying Congregations in Midland, TX Perhaps Bill Granberry, the Sr. Warden of Christ Church Midland, summed it up best when he said that Canon Beasley’s visit couldn’t have come at a better time. It was definitely, he thought, orchestrated by the Holy Spirit. For one thing it helped us begin to work through our grief at the closing of one of our church plants and to see this as not a failure but a learning opportunity to make a new start in a new way. A vestry member of the former plant also viewed the experiment in a positive way. There was a reason we were here for a season, he said, indicating that the plant had....Continue Reading
  • Wheaton College Advent Chapel This past Advent season, I had the privilege to return to my undergraduate alma mater, Wheaton College, to lead worship for a chapel service along with other members of the Albany Park Redeemer Worship team. Edman Chapel seemed overly large as we tuned guitars and moved pianos, preparing the stage for the service. As students filed in, I was reminded of how tired and frustrated I often felt approaching Christmas as an undergraduate, finals and papers overwhelming the sense of sacred wonder and excitement that the Advent songs we sang invoked.  As we started the second song, In the Ble....Continue Reading
  • Entering Into Worship at Wheaton College Chapel “Zoom in!” “Take camera three!” I watched from the control room while the Greenhouse team led the chapel service at Wheaton College in December. Staring at more than ten TV screens and numerous buttons, I got a unique perspective of the “back door” chaos that leads to a smooth experience for the worshipers. In Edman Chapel, the students recited the elegant liturgy of the Morning Prayer service. Musicians from Redeemer Anglican Church in Chicago led the music in beautiful harmonies in subtle and sacred tones. The Advent message, spoken by Canon William ....Continue Reading
  • No One Stands Alone at HopePointe Church Marking the important moments of their lives, together in community, is a regular happening among the people at HopePointe Church in The Woodlands, Texas. One of the ways HopePointe lives this out is through their “Cross Wall,” or, “Cross Walls,” as they are now identified, given the increased need for space for more crosses. As new families, marriages, or individuals, after a time of prayer and discernment, answer yes to the call to become members of HopePointe, they do so by signing the church’s Membership Covenant during regular corporate worship on one of....Continue Reading
  • Brianna’s Story Brianna is a sophomore in the IT/Bromley Community Group. The other day when I asked her how she’s grown in college, she explained several things that just happened to perfectly reflect the 3 things we say that our Community Group is about. (I promise I didn’t tell her what to say!) 1. That she’s grown in her knowledge and love for God’s word – “I’ve really been encouraged to read the Bible more, and that has just made me realize how true and how different Christianity is from what the world says.” (Gospel) 2. How much she has grown to va....Continue Reading
  • Our Nursing Home Congregation Ministering at a nursing home is unlike any ministry that I have experienced before. Many nursing homes are filled with adults, not just seniors, who have been forgotten (accidentally and purposefully) by our society. However, that leaves a lot of room for the Lord to lead his body—the church— to fill in the gaps. I have only been worshiping at Heritage Anglican since the summer, but already I see a community and a church formed there and growing. During services, people come and go as they please, and the staff makes routine announcements on the intercom every once and awhile....Continue Reading
  • What is Greenhouse? Part 1 I'm going to start by saying that I don't know how many parts in this "What is Greenhouse?" series there will be. Because sometimes it seems like it takes longer to explain about Greenhouse than it does to just do it. I think that's because we have to shed our preconceived notions about "What is church?" first. Whether you go to church or don't go to church, everyone has an idea of what church is. Understanding Greenhouse requires stepping outside of your mental "church box." Greenhouse exists in a different paradigm. But, I get ahead of myself. I, myself, am relatively new....Continue Reading
  • Our First Ministry Team Development Boot Camp Ministry Team Development (MTD) is the process of inviting people to participate in Kingdom work through their generosity. A number of Greenhouse catechists and staff members engage in MTD by asking people to commit their financial resources to the ministry of Greenhouse, so that these individuals will be freed up to use their time and skills to labor in vocational ministry. This past weekend, I experienced my first taste of Texas when Nate and I flew down to lead Greenhouse’s first ever “Ministry Team Development” Bootcamp for several new staff members in Houston. The we....Continue Reading
  • Multiplying Congregations in Wisconsin This past Saturday, I had the privilege of heading up to Kenosha, WI with Jens Notstad and Fr. William and Anne Beasley. There we met with several fantastic Wisconsinites who were interested in multiplying congregations in Wisconsin. I was immediately struck by the willing attitudes of everyone there. All of them clearly have a heart for the people of Wisconsin, and they lit up as we encouraged them in their desires and callings to multiply the church there. One of the couples present regularly helps out a congregation that is nearly two hours from their home. The story of Light of Christ ....Continue Reading
  • Our Connections at the Fall Retreat The fall retreat reminded us of, and renewed in us, the connections we all have. These connections include our Common Worship and Liturgy, and our opportunities to serve alongside each other in the Greenhouse Movement. We gathered at the University of St. Mary of the Lake in Mundelein. We were blessed to have Bishop Frank Lyons join us from the Pittsburgh Diocese for the entire weekend. On Friday night lay catechists, lay evangelists and college ministers were blessed for the upcoming year of sharing and serving together. With all of us, on our knees, it was a powerful reminder t....Continue Reading
  • God’s Work in the Pacific Northwest Last weekend I had the opportunity to participate in the third annual synod of the Diocese of Cascadia in Tacoma, Washington. I was encouraged to see how much God had been doing through the leaders and people of the Diocese. Beginning in 2009 with just eight congregations, the Diocese has multiplied to encompass 23 congregations in just three years. Every person I spoke with was excited to share what God had been doing in His Church in the Pacific Northwest, and they were eager to learn more about multiplying their congregations further. While there were countless blessings throughout the ....Continue Reading
  • All We Have to Do is Show up and Be Willing Throughout the past year at Heritage Anglican Church, God has revealed to me many things about Himself and the way He works. One of the most common has been His faithfulness when we are inadequate. This past Saturday, God came through in a bigger way than I could ever imagine. Two weeks ago, Jacob Andrews, catechist and founder of Heritage Anglican Church, left Chicago to move to Milwaukee. Before he left, Jacob met with a few of us from the other congregations in our parish to give us some pointers in continuing the Church at Heritage Nursing Home. I knew that God had been working faithf....Continue Reading
  • If You Build it They Will Come - The Beginning of Children’s Ministry “If you build it, they will come.” Yes, that was first uttered in reference to a baseball field, but I think it equally applies to creating a children’s ministry.* Redeemer Anglican is a small and young congregation, which is part of the Redeemer Chicago Anglican Parish ( We are blessed by the presence of one amazing family with four small children. The members of our parish are fully involved in just about every aspect of our church so, why not include the youngest of our members? It’s never too early to begin spreading the “Good News.&r....Continue Reading
  • Miracle on 108th Street When I was asked by a local congregation to consider the pastorate of a church in one of the most impoverished neighborhoods in South Central Los Angeles, indeed I did not realize that I was going to encounter God face to face and embrace my destiny. After a year or so of being the new pastor at Penuel M.B.C., I relocated my family and purchased a home just three doors down from the church. One day I was sitting at my desk in the office next door to our home and my youngest daughter was playing in front of the house after returning from school when shots rang out!  I jumped over my de....Continue Reading
  • CaLLiNG: The Body and the Blood The Eucharist is our connection to God, the wider church, other parishes in our nation, and our fellow Anglicans around the world. Father Stephen Gauthier enthusiastically walked us through the history and meaning of the Eucharist at the Beasley home in our latest CaLLiNG (Catechists and Lay Leaders in Nurture & Growth) teaching time at the Beasley home September 1st. About 25 Greenhouse leaders attended, along with participants from Florida and Chicago who joined by WebEx, live and online. Here’s what you missed. Did you know that “way back” in church his....Continue Reading
  • My Summer Internship: A Glimpse of the Kingdom This summer I was blessed to be able to serve with Greenhouse at Redeemer Anglican Church in Albany Park as well as Heritage Anglican Church in Edgewater. The congregation in Albany Park consists mostly of college and post-college young adults. The congregation in Edgewater consists mostly of post-career elderly folk. I suppose an argument could be made that there is a slight difference in the demographic of the two churches. Regardless, I can tell you that the Spirit of God is working in a truly beautiful way in both congregations. In the Albany Park community I have experienced the genuine....Continue Reading
  • Reflections of a Greenhouse Intern I am now staring my last two days of my Greenhouse internship in the face. I have automatically started to reminisce about my time here this summer and what I have seen God do in the lives of many people. This has served as a constant reminder of how God uses His church to fulfill the work that we are called to pursue as the body of Christ... From every dollar that I raised in support to every late minute that I spent with students and youth who are desperately looking for answers to hard questions; from being rejected to seeing those close to me turn their lives over to Christ, there are no....Continue Reading
  • Chicago and Houston are All in the Family Father William is fond of asking the trick question, “How many churches are there?” The answer, of course, is one: God’s church. Last week, during New Generation Anglican Church’s youth mission trip, we got to be part of that unity, feeling the connection between the church in the suburbs of Chicago and the church in inner-city Houston. For Christians, church is the new family—a point Deacon Jonathan Kindberg (who happens to be my brother) has been trying to drive home to New Generation since the congregation first started through youth group activities and re....Continue Reading
  • Unity Event The Hispanic congregation of Santa Maria and Greenhouse Regional Church Movement hosted the third Unity event for the Upper Midwest on June 15. Clergy and lay leaders from all four groups gathered in the afternoon to consider the challenges of having a multi-cultural diocese that will include Hispanic and multi-ethnic congregations. How do we develop effective multi-cultural ministries? All of the discussion groups identified the same basic challenges. Differences in socio-economic resources, ethnic cultures and native languages are difficult to bridge. We decided that human resources are ....Continue Reading
  • All Those Who Suffer in Body, Mind or Spirit (original post on May 3, 2009) It's hard to find a church when you have a child with autism. Many of the symptoms are behaviors that look like those of an unruly kid with clueless or uncaring parents. Some people try to straighten him up beyond his ability. Others try to straighten us up. One church told us that we were welcome, but if he couldn't act like the other Sunday School kids, he shouldn't come. Once they learn that he has autism and can't help these behaviors, some expect us to just keep him quiet and out of the way. I've had a hard time feeling like ....Continue Reading
  • Camping for the First Time Recently, I was able to take six teenagers and two other leaders camping at Starved Rock State Park in north-central Illinois. None of the youth had ever been camping, so I was excited to lead them on their first camping trip!  Upon arrival, we set up camp for our the first night and went hiking around Starved Rock, enjoying the nice view. After the excursions, we had to build a fire with damp wood (wet from the rain earlier in the day). This proved to be quite entertaining, considering all of the guys were worried we would be eating cold hot dogs for dinner! Eventually, we were able ....Continue Reading
  • Evangelismo Global en la Iglesia Local Uno de los conceptos muy importante en cuanto al ministerio de evangelismo en la iglesia local es que el ministerio no es solamente la función de un pequeño grupo de “fanáticos” que no tienen el apoyo abierto y constante del vicario o pastor laico encargado de la congregación. La congregación tiene que convertirse en una iglesia enfocada en la misión de traer las buenas noticias. No es decir que no va a hacer caso a los demás ministerios. Son importantes, también. Y una iglesia que se concentra solamente en el ministerio de evangeli....Continue Reading
  • Cover the Continent with Congregations One of my favorite photos of San Diego pastor, Gabe Garcia, shows him preaching with a Canadian flag in the background. It’s from spring 2009 when he joined William for a Christ Awakening gathering in Vancouver. So when I think of Gabe, I think of supportive friend, one who spans the continent to minister with you, from one end to the other. He has joined us for ministry in Chicagoland, and most recently, he joined Archbishop Duncan, Canon Lumanog, William and me in Los Angeles for the worship service with Jubilee. Immediately afterward, we joined Gabe in San Diego for worship on Jul....Continue Reading
  • Intern Training This past weekend, Greenhouse hosted a weekend-long training designed to immerse interested potential leaders in the "Greenhouse Model" of regional church planting and multiplication. Over 15 different folks gathered at different times to hear talks, join discussions, pray together, and (most importantly) actually participate in the works that are being raised up under both ordained and lay leadership. Five different congregations were visited, included two Spanish-speaking groups, as well as a church in a nursing home and a group mainly comprised of teenagers. The training was highly succes....Continue Reading
  • Jubilee in June! While my husband William and I flew from Chicago, representing Greenhouse on the last Friday of June, Canon Jack Lumanog and Archbishop Duncan departed from Pittsburgh and met up with us in Los Angeles for a momentous weekend. On Saturday we welcomed the Jubilee Fellowship of Churches into a yearlong covenant association with the Greenhouse Movement and the ACNA. Jubilee Fellowship includes about 12 predominantly African American churches that, in their words, “represent a myriad of Christian denominations that share a common bond and love for our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ” an....Continue Reading
  • Jon’s Story While playing video games, Jon overheard an invitation from his roommate to come to “Community Group” the first week of the semester. He came that night without his roommate. Then again the next week. Then the week after. One member of our community group asked why it was that he came each week. He promptly replied “because I want to know who it is that I talk to every night before I go to sleep." Throughout the semester, John asked question after question to investigate the claims of the Bible. The last week on campus, I ate lunch with Jon and listened to him explain where....Continue Reading
  • Soccer Camp I am a youth ministry major at Moody Bible Institute serving full time with Greenhouse as an intern. I am from a large family of eight in Minnesota (and therefore love hockey and the Vikings). I love God more than anything and I am following His lead in my life, which has led me to Greenhouse. Last year one of the Greenhouse congregations, Briar Street, did a soccer camp in the Briar Street neighborhood, but this year we decided to start another one in a totally new place: a low-income neighborhood in Carol Stream just up the road from where New Generation and Iglesia de la ....Continue Reading
  • ACNA Provincial Assembly 2012 In-Depth Coverage DAY 1 The first full day of the ACNA Provincial Assembly began with Morning Prayer and a wonderful Bible study from Bp. Rennis Ponniah on Isaiah 6:1-13. You'll find a summary of his talk below as well as an article on Ed Stetzer's presentation of the "Local Congregation as the Engine of Discipleship." In other news, Archbishop Bob Duncan presented Fr. Alan Hawkins as the newly appointed vicar general of Anglican 1000. Hawkins was previously part of AMiA and brings his church planting skills to the ACNA. The most dramatic moment of the day came during the afternoon Opening Eucha....Continue Reading
  • My Church’s Commitment to Mission Spend one month in our church and one thing will become clear; these people love the Lord and are not afraid to try new things in order to spread the good news of His Kingdom. I am a missionary with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship in Chicago. I take risks to share the Gospel with college students every day. But nothing has challenged me or shepherded me more than the fellowship and leadership of Redeemer Anglican Church. The church’s deep conviction to witness reminds me that I am a whole person, ministering in my job as a missionary and also in everyday life at home. The church&rs....Continue Reading
  • New Anglican Church Plant in the Northshore of Milwaukee For those who were so kind to pray for Carolyn and me regarding the church plant on the North Shore of Milwaukee recently, I wanted to give you a full report. We have named this plant: The Church of the Savior. The Holy Spirit showed the way to 28 people to find our home. It was unbelievable! We had all ages from an 81-year-old arriving on his motorcycle to two Concordia students and young kids no more than three or four years of age. We had several nationalities, both black and white. One of the most important attendees of all: our Mexican cleaning lady with her son. She had been let d....Continue Reading
  • There is No Failure in the Kingdom A few weeks ago, I attended a conference at the Great Lakes Diocese in Ohio with William Beasley, Beth Thompson and two other ministers, my friends Kate McDonald and Ben Williams. It was my first time officially representing the Greenhouse model of church multiplication, and it was a fruitful trip full of eye-opening speeches and meaningful worship. William, as he is wont to do, called us up to the front of a room full of clergy to serve as visual aids to help communicate the structure of parish networks, how lay-clergy are connected to leadership through meaningful relationships and a dir....Continue Reading
  • Greenhouse Spring Retreat When I was first asked to attend the Greenhouse Upper Midwest Spring Retreat, my immediate reaction was that I would be way out of my league. Here was a group of church leaders getting together to pray for their congregations and communities and to encourage one another as they moved forward doing the Lord’s work. However, I agreed to come, and I was richly blessed throughout the weekend. About 25 priests, deacons, lay catechists, and lay evangelists spent the weekend of May 18 in Northbrook, IL. We spent time discussing what God has been doing in each of our congregations and prayi....Continue Reading
  • Wisconsin Unity Event 1+1+1+1= One Plus The One Plus equation undergirds the Anglican unity events in the Upper Midwest. Twin Cities area (1) plus Wisconsin’s SEWAAC (Southeastern Wisconsin American Anglican Council) (1) plus Anglican Mission Upper Midwest congregations (1) plus Greenhouse Movement congregations (1) equals (1+) ONE new enriched diocese—a diocese with synergy—one that will, Lord willing, multiply into many more dioceses of the Anglican Church in North America. And that is why last Friday morning 4 of us loaded into Beth Thompson’s SUV to dr....Continue Reading
  • Karen’s Story To share her story I will show you the facebook status Karen posted today: To all my Glen Ellyn, Lombard, and Wheaton friends: This semester my life was truly changed by getting involved in CRU, a Christian community group at U of I dedicated to gospel, community, and mission. For those of you looking to experience God and your faith in a whole new way, I encourage you to come check out the Western suburbs community group this summer... It was hard to look at that Facebook Status and not just praise God! Although Karen was not involved in Ch....Continue Reading
  • Growing on the Gulf Coast "It is with humility and thanksgiving that we recognize that it is our Lord who has brought us to this place, this moment," The Rev. Clark W. P. Lowenfield, Dean of the Trinity Convocation of the Anglican Diocese of the South, said as he addressed the inaugural synod gathered Saturday, May 5th, in The Woodlands, Texas. Texas and Louisiana congregations came together this past weekend to adopt what is to become the founding constitution of the Anglican Diocese of Christ the King, a diocese in formation within The Anglican Church in North America. "We believe the Lord is birthing this new dioc....Continue Reading
  • Easter in the Barn It was a cool, sunlit Easter morning on East Church Road this past Sunday as over 100 people gathered in a barn to worship the Lord and celebrate His glorious resurrection! Those in attendance varied from members (plus some family and friends) of Bread of Life Anglican in Madison, community members from the Cambridge/Utica/Stoughton area, connections from Redeemer Northwestern, and family and friends of the Notstad family, who hosted the service in the refurbished 130-year-old structure.  This is the third service of its kind there, following an October worship held at the end of a Re....Continue Reading
  • Cesar’s Passion for the Gospel Cesar grew up in a family that rarely attended Church. However, his sophomore year of high school a classmate of his befriended him and invited him to go to church with him. Mormon church. So, Cesar went to Church with him for a year, which included going to Mormon “seminary” with him for an hour before school started every day. One day Cesar felt like some of the stuff that he was hearing was pretty weird. So, literally, he looked up churches in his hometown to see if everybody believed those weird things. By God’s grace, Cesar ended up at ....Continue Reading
  • The First Midwest Unity Event On March 21st, I had the joy of sitting through a several hours’ long meeting in a church basement on a truly glorious, sunny March day.  I didn’t begrudge a moment though; it was that good. Anglicans came from Chicago and across Wisconsin to the Twin Cities of Minnesota to talk about coming together in a diocese.  This is heavy stuff for people who want to be Anglican Christians.  Organization around geography as opposed to organization protecting doctrine is a distinctive Anglican response to that same organization of the churches described in our New Testament....Continue Reading
  • Multiplying a Congregation in a Storefront On Easter Sunday, Logan Square Anglican officially opened its doors to the neighborhood for the first time. Exactly which doors that would be was the question on our minds for a long time. After much exploration, we finally found our spot: an abandoned pizza parlor, which has been converted to a great community space. We are thankful for Frank, who after a three-minute negotiation offered us the use of his space for a very generous rate. The space is not just a place to meet; it's an important indicator of our ministry. Logan Square is a multi-faceted neighborhood. Two of the demograp....Continue Reading
  • Review of Anglican 1000 Summit 2012 On Tuesday, March 6th, four leaders from the Greenhouse Movement traveled to Plano, TX to participate in the third Anglican 1000 Church Planting Summit. In response to Archbishop Duncan's call for 1000 new churches in 5 years, the conference exists to encourage, equip, and send church leaders and planters in raising up new congregations. For Canon William Beasley, Deacon Mike Niebauer, Jonathan Kindberg, and Jens Notstad, the trip had a slightly different end in mind. Already being firmly engaged in the work of a region of multiplying congregations, our goals were as much to teach as t....Continue Reading
  • Stories from Northwestern University I first met Wilson in the fall of 2010 at a gathering to start a ministry to Chinese graduate students.  There is such fertile soil here: dozens of students from China come in yearly, most without any sort of religious belief but with a great interest in Christianity. Wilson and I connected well, and we started a Bible study, meeting weekly to read through the Gospel of Mark. Since then, through studying Scripture together we have had many conversations about faith, Christ, and the Gospel. Also, he has become connected with our community, attending services (usually the ones with home-c....Continue Reading
  • “True satisfaction comes from Jesus Christ” This is Brett's incredible story in his own words. I entered my college very much living for myself. I had grown up in a Christian home but I had decided along the way that I didn’t want a part of it. I decided that I wanted to seek satisfaction in things that I thought made me happy: friendships, school, and relationships. The more I sought satisfaction in what I wanted, the unhappier I became. This led me to live a life that I knew I didn’t want. In the beginning of this year, out of a desire to find more in life, I got involved in the Champaign Private Community ....Continue Reading
  • Carried Along by the Spirit: On Mission in El Paso “The seventy-two returned with joy and said, “Lord, even the demons submit to us in your name.” Luke 10:17   In January 2012 a Greenhouse team from Chicago (William and Anne Beasley, Jens Notstad and I) went to El Paso, TX to lead a workshop for the Southwest Diocese In-Formation on church multiplication. It was quite exciting to see a whole Diocese desire the expansion of the church. I was also there for the formal launch of Rey de Paz, a Hispanic congregation at St. Clement’s church led by catechist Ken Hanna, who I have been coaching. It was a great privil....Continue Reading
  • Christmas Eve in the Barn On Christmas Eve 2011, Bread of Life Anglican and Church of the Redeemer at Northwestern hosted an evening church service in my family's 130-year-old dairy barn near Madison, Wisconsin. The barn had been out of use for around 40 years until this past summer, when the interior was renovated to host an October wedding reception.  In late October, we took advantage of the renovation and held a church service in the barn for family, neighbors and Northwestern University students to culminate our fall retreat with Rev. William Beasley and Rev. Matt Arndt leading the....Continue Reading
  • Nursing Home Adventures: “I’m Jehovah God” I walked into Heritage [Nursing Home] one Saturday, and on my way to the rec room, I saw a lady I'd seen several times, maybe said "hi" to once or twice. This time she seemed a lot more open, so I stopped to chat with her for a while.      "So, what's your name?"      “Mickayla.”      "What a nice name!"      “Mickayla Jehovah God."      "…Oh."      "Do you know who Jehovah God is?"      "Well… I'm Jehovah God."   &n....Continue Reading
  • From the lips of babes… From time to time children in our neighborhood spring some rather loaded and surprising questions at me which I’m not really sure how to begin answering: such as the time when I was I was just getting in our neighborhood swimming pool only to have “Are you going to be the Pope someday?” launched at me by one kid followed in very short order by “Why do you have so much hair on your chest?” by another kid. This week in the midst of arranging transportation for our 40 or so kids on our soccer team plus their families to our away game I got the classic: “Are....Continue Reading
  • “My Life Was Missing Something” As a UIC (University of Illinois at Chicago) student home for the summer, my former next door neighbor, Robert, started coming to our Summer Community Group although he had not been in a Christian community for 6 years. One night the Holy Spirit spoke to him so deeply in his heart that he was moved to the point of tears. I recently had an opportunity to follow-up with him and this is what he said: "My life has been missing something, and it was at the community group that I realized it was Christ." I asked him to repent of his sins and commit to follow Jesus as his Lord and Sav....Continue Reading
  • Youth Retreat In October 2011, I led a youth retreat with the youth from Santa María (that I lead on Sunday mornings in Franklin Park, IL) and from Iglesia de la Resurrección (in Wheaton, IL). The Spirit’s presence was powerfully at work softening the hearts of the youth, and the Lord answered many prayers for our time together. Thank you all of you who were praying! The main Scripture for the weekend was Psalm 95 with an emphasis on invitation (“come”) and on the One who is giving the invitation, the Good Shepherd. For many of these youth, this was their first time away ....Continue Reading

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