Intern & Missionary Leadership Training Program

Intern & Missionary Leadership Training Program
We are launching an exciting new Leadership Training Program for Interns and Missionaries. Check out the details at We will offer weekly supervision and monthly leadership trainings in Oak Park, IL. Opportunities include 10+ hours per week internship up to full time roles with salary and benefits for missionaries.     Continue Reading

Recent Blog Post: Barbara Gauthier

Let Us Imitate Christ’s Love
Reflect for a moment on the wealth of his kindness. Before he came as a man to be among men, he sent John the Baptist to preach repentance and lead men to practise it. John himself was preceded by the prophets, who were to teach the people to repent, to return to God and to amend their lives. Then Christ came himself, and with his own lips cried out: Come to me, all you who labour and are overburdened, and I will give you rest. How did he receive those who listened to his call? He readily forgave them their sins; he freed them instantly from all that t.... Continue Reading

Recent Blog Post: Deacon Jens Notstad

Ordination to the Diaconate
I am so glad to be writing to you today as an ordained deacon in the Anglican Church in North America!! It really has been a whirlwind since then (flew out to stand in a good friend's wedding in Colorado, then visited my sister, her husband, and five(!) children in L.A.) but I am now in Chicago again and resuming a somewhat normal routine. Thank you so much to all who joined us for the ceremony itself - it was a beautiful day and an unforgettable milestone for me and our churches. And thank you to all who have been thinking of me and praying for.... Continue Reading

Recent Blog Post: Nate Beasley

Blitz Week
“The book of Acts must be our guidebook as we start this church,” Pastor William, the head pastor of our new church (and my dad), pleaded with us a few Sundays ago. This last month has felt like we've been living in that book. Last month began with our "blitz week" on campus at UIC (University of Illinois at Chicago). In the first 7 hours we passed out 3,000 pop-tarts, 21 gallons of hot chocolate, and collected 1,353 surveys (with a grand total of 2,127 surveys). We were blown away. But that was just the beginning. We had tons of even.... Continue Reading

Recent Blog Post: Rev. Jonathan Kindberg

Global Mission: Connecting the “Here” and the “There”
I just returned from a week long trip to Mexico. I traveled with Bp. Frank Lyons to visit two current Anglican congregations and to begin to think and pray towards how we can multiply Anglican congregations there. It is the beginning of a new thing in Mexico! This is a huge country that is yet to be thoroughly evangelized and is ripe for a new Anglican church to be re-birthed there. After spending some time with a Mexican clergy couple in Aguascalientes, and with Iglesia del Gran Pastor (Planted by Fr. Dorsett of Church of the Great Sheppherd 15 y.... Continue Reading

Recent Blog Post: Bishop Gregory Bowers

Interview with Bishop Bowers of Jubilee
Interview with Matt Woodley for Greenhouse Greenhouse/Matt Woodley: Tell me about the journey of the Jubilee congregations. How have you moved to a more liturgical/sacramental form of worship? Bishop Gregory L. Bowers: There has always been a liturgical expression, whether formal or informal, within the African American community of Churches, particularly within the Baptist Church. Throughout history, a lot of the liturgy that is expressed within the Church is derived from Egypt and Africa, and so I believe that liturgy had an influence even on peo.... Continue Reading

Recent Blog Post: Guest Blogger

The Advent of Our Lord
by Alex Wilgus Why is Christmas the most anticipated holiday of the year, yet also the biggest letdown when it comes? I hear so often about how Christmas Day and the interim between it and New Years’ is the most depressing time of the year. Suicide rates go up. All who are not safely inside the fortress of a functional nuclear family are left out in the cold. This unhappy situation occurs among those who do not know what they are looking forward to, but they still look forward to it (whatever it is). Even for unbelievers, the anticipatory spir.... Continue Reading

Recent Blog Post: Rev. Gamaliel Garcia

The Big Picture
This past week I was at an Anglican Hispanic church-planting conference in El Paso, Texas. It was very exciting for me to see people with so many different worship styles come together. It got me to thinking on what it’s all about. It’s not about our particular style or preferences. It's about something much greater. Something that surpasses our limited human mindset. It also brought to mind how I tend to focus on the smaller stuff and not on the greater. My tendency is always to look for the little things that I am convinced someone .... Continue Reading
  • That Church Feeling By Alex Wilgus The biggest challenge that my wife and I had when we planted a little church with two others in one of Chicago’s up-and-coming neighborhoods was convincing ourselves that what we were doing actually qualified as “church.” We knew in our minds what the Biblical definition of Church was; “where two or three are gathered” and all that (we had four to begin with so we narrowly made that benchmark.) We knew that large amounts of people, an expensive building, and elaborate worship productions didn’t mean a thing to the Lord so long as we were b....Continue Reading
  • UNITED ADORATION SONGWRITING RETREAT – DALLAS, TEXAS Fr. Rand York was with Andy Piercy at the UA Songwriting Retreat last week at All Saints Cathedral in Dallas, bringing together liturgical composers from the Southwest. What a great group! There was strong collaboration resulting in excellent new liturgical settings, as well as wonderful new connections. Continue Reading
  • The Word Made Visible! Parkview is a rehabilitation center in Edgewater (Chicago).  Most of the residents there are recovering from drug addiction or suffering from severe psychological impairment, and if they didn’t have Parkview, they would be homeless or worse.  While Parkview is home to a group of people with diverse backgrounds and needs, one thing seems rather common in that building – a hunger for love & grace.  If you encounter a given resident upon entering the building and ask them how they’re doing, you will not be met with a guarded “fine, thanks”, yo....Continue Reading
  • Witnessing A New Life in a New Place How do you do a baptism when your church meets in an apartment building? A horse trough, of course! The whole church, and many new friends for that week, were gathered on the roof of the building with the skyline in the distance. Alice shared her story of starting to follow Jesus, and wanting to give her whole life now to follow him, and then she was baptized, surrounded by her new family. One thing I love about how we do baptisms is that before the baptism there are two sets of questions. First, the one being baptized answers questions that affirm their renunciation of evil and turn to fo....Continue Reading
  • Laborers for the Harvest "I've never seen a church like it. It's so holistic, with the mentoring and the community health... I've never seen a church that empowers people so much." I was genuinely surprised at these words from Bethany, one of our newer 20-something congregants. She had found a church home with us, which was great to hear, but I realized then that my mindset had still been too consumed by attendance numbers and the ways I felt our church unfavorably stacked up to the many churches I'd seen before. These words were a breath of fresh air and a reminder from God, breaking through my ment....Continue Reading
  • Intern house! La Roca has found a new place to cast a net! Missio Dei has acquired a house across from our local high school for la Roca to meet in and for future interns to live in. We've begun having a morning prayer service each weekday and have had a few opportunities to meet people who hang around the campus. The house is in need of quite a bit of work so a few people from Missio Dei have been coming each day to pray together and turn the property into a fully functioning center of Christian living (special thanks to Dr. Peters and the old roof crew for teaching me a thing or two about constructi....Continue Reading
  • College Conference: A Changed Heart I was privileged to attend Greenhouse's conference: Open Doors to College Ministry April 4th - 5th. I brought with me Esteban, one of my leaders from my startup congregation at Fresno State in Fresno, CA. From the very beginning, we both enjoyed the conference and were so blessed to be there. I enjoyed being hosted by the Hanck family, who were kind and accommodating. The conference itself changed by heart towards my church planting work. Within three sentences of his talk, Fr. Beasley made me cry tears of relief. The Holy Spirit worked powerfully in my heart to remind me that I am not....Continue Reading
  • “I Need You, God” It's hard to imagine that it's been 10 months since I started ministry at New Generation. I have been blessed by witnessing the transformative power of God's love in the lives of the young people here, and humbled by being a tool in God's hands to bring that love to them. Encountering God does truly transform us; we are never the same after we are in His presence and feel His powerful love. I have seen that transformation in Erika, whom I have been mentoring since October. She has such an amazing heart for God and is rising up as a leader in our church. She is a part of the....Continue Reading
  • College Conference: An Opportunity for Growth On the first weekend in April, Northwestern students had the privilege of hosting the Anglican 1000 College Mission Conference. Focused on training and encouraging those interested in bringing the Gospel to college campuses, the conference brought nearly 100 guests from across the country to the Greenhouse Mission Center in Oak Park for an energizing and educational two days. Before the gathering began, though, a team of student leaders, including myself, had been put in charge of planning and organizing many of the conference details. Taken as an opportunity to step up, the preparation al....Continue Reading

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